A website should be about more than just ‘having a website’.  It’s an extension of your brand and your business, looking nice isn’t good enough - how is your website serving your audience and growing your business?  Fast + Light creates purpose-driven websites, measures user interactions, and optimizes the site based on the data. We utilize proven and easy-to-manage platforms including Shopify, Squarespace, and WordPress (including Generate Press and Elementor) to build lasting, secure sites that can be easily maintained at a reasonable cost.  We have deep experience in building and upgrading websites of all sizes, including migrating existing websites to Shopify.

Blue Spirit Costa Rica had an Old Website that had served it well for nearly a decade but was starting to show it’s age and needed a modern update.  The site was difficult to update and utilized outdated software. Forms and requests were not tracked - they simply went to email that could be lost or sent to spam.  Fast & Light worked with Blue Spirit to update their look while preserving the branding that had served them well for this New Website. We ultimately settled on a “website-as-coffee-table-book” concept that translated well into a “mobile-first” implementation, as the majority of web traffic is from phone and tablet.  All inbound inquiries are now tracked in a searchable database, updates are easy to make, and Blue Spirit has a platform built to carry it well into the future.