Social Media Management

Social Media is more than just sharing photos with your friends. For small companies, it's one of easiest ways to build and engage an audience. Social Media can be successful, or it can just be more noise. A successful Social Media Strategy not only requires special technical knowledge, but an idea of how marketing and branding works together to communicate in an effective way. 

Fast and Light offers a variety of services for all budgets. 

  • Monthly Management
  • Content Creation
  • Brand Development
  • Paid Promotions 

Adventure International

Over just a few months, Fast and Light was able to grow Adventure International's follower from 196 to 4,922. Engagement also skyrocked, going from 5 likes per post to 306. 



Conrad Men's

Alex continues to grow Conrad Men's Social Media in creative ways, from new content, to working with influencers. Alex and his production parters are able to create this type of content for you too.