Acquiring emails is one of the most important things a company can do, as you then own the audience. When you own your audience, you are no longer subject to the whims of the Social Media algorithms. The majority of our clients have their best sales days when they send their newsletters. Companies that have higher-cost item often require multiple engagements to nurture a sale.  With most websites only converting 3% or less of their website traffic, capturing emails and converting through newsletters helps plug holes in a leaky sales funnel. At Fast + Light, we not only help write and deliver emails, but we also build out strategies to capture emails, nurture your email list through an automated email series, or re-engage the people on your list that haven’t opened up an email or purchased from you recently.

    • Klaviyo & Mailchimp Management & Setup

    • Email Collection

    • Creative Management & Template Design

    • Automations & Funnels (Welcome Series of Emails, Abandon Cart Emails, Lead Nurture Sequence)

    • Goals, Analytics & Analysis

    • Link Tracking

    • List Management and Customer Segmentation

Flow Meditation with James Brown - Utilizing a free offer and paid advertising, F+L has been able to build an email acquisition funnel for the Flow Meditation online course, which nurtures captured emails through a 6 part funnel that introduces potential students to the teacher, in order to build familiarity and affinity for James and the Flow Meditation approach. Fast + Light has also been able to advise James on converting his existing email list into paid customers for this new offering.  

Torii Labs - F+L used bi-monthly newsletters with Torii Labs to drives sales on the Torii website, which are consistently the top sales days for the company. Beyond just selling products, the newsletter brand narrative included introducing brand ambassadors to help build social proof that Torri is relevant and cutting-edge. The narrative also educates consumers on the ingredients and benefits in the Torri formulations,  announces new products and offerings, and nurtures dormant customers into re-ordering.