Social media is more than pretty pictures, it’s a way to build, nurture and engage with your audience of potential customers. Of course, you still need pretty pictures and relevant content, otherwise people won’t follow you or engage with your content. At Fast & Light, we help you develop your visual narrative, follower growth strategy, and calls to action in order to convert your followers into customers. We also track and measure your success, and compare them to your competition and field. We are available for separate engagements at any level, from focusing on only growth tactics to content creation and day-to-day social channel management.

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Conrad Men’s - The Conrad Instagram account was launched (from zero) as the company and products were in development. At an early stage, the channel was used to establish the visual narrative and values of the company, and hint at the idea of what Conrad was, and build a following of people interested in the narrative of the Spiritual Gentleman. It has grown to not only continue to be the channel where Conrad maintains a conversation with followers (which include Press, Influencers, and Customers) but also acts as a powerful sales tool to announce new products, pop-ups, sales, and amplify press placements. Combined with paid advertising, it is also the primary source of traffic and product sales. Beyond just sales, it is also the discovery mechanism for initial audience contact with the brand, while the content itself wins over the hearts and minds of the Conrad followers.

F*Revolution - Fast + Light amplified the F* Instagram audience from 200 to 2000 followers in just a few months (a 10x increase). Beyond maintaining a consistent art direction, F+L integrated calls to action to drive product sales, along with coordinating influencer engagements and giveaways with other relevant channels which exposed F* to new, relevant audiences, and acquired new followers. F* also engaged F+L to produce content to deliver inspiring aspirational imagery that speaks to the F* audience of fashionable female revolutionaries