Digital Marketing Services

Are you trying to get more clients into your physical store, sell more products online, increase your social media following, or get your first website up?

Our main objective is helping you reach your goals.

Digital Advertising
Paid Ads: Facebook, instagram, Google ads, youtube, pinterest

We know digital advertising is confusing and you may think it’s too expensive for you, but the reality is that it’s more expensive to wait:  digital advertising is currently priced as low as it will ever be, so now is the best time to learn what works for you. We are experts on growing your business through paid ads on the best platforms.  Let us learn about you, what you are currently doing and your vision, and we will work with you to shape a plan that works for you.

We are here to make you successful, which means finding and targeting your ideal customer at the places they spend the most time online (Social Media Channels) or where they go search for things when they are ready to buy (Google). But who is your customer, and which social channels do they use? Are they the type of person that uses Instagram or Facebook, or are they mostly on Pinterest? Are they on mobile or desktop devices?  While someone might discover you on their phone via an Instagram ad, they might go to their desktop to purchase, and when your competitor is bidding your brand name on Google Ads, you are going to lose the sale to the competition.  Let us partner with you to create a strategy to make relevant platforms to work in concert toward your success. 

Social media Management + Growth

Social media is more than pretty pictures, it’s a way to build, nurture and engage with your audience of potential customers. Of course, you still need pretty pictures and relevant content, otherwise people won’t follow you or engage with your content. At Fast & Light, we help you develop your visual narrative, follower growth strategy, and calls to action in order to convert your followers into customers. We also track and measure your success, and compare them to your competition and field. We are available for separate engagements at any level, from focusing on only growth tactics to content creation and day-to-day social channel management.

Email & Newsletter Management

Acquiring emails is one of the most important things a company can do, as you then own the audience. When you own your audience, you are no longer subject to the whims of the Social Media algorithms. The majority of our clients have their best sales days when they send their newsletters. Companies that have higher-cost item often require multiple engagements to nurture a sale.  With most websites only converting 3% or less of their website traffic, capturing emails and converting through newsletters helps plug holes in a leaky sales funnel. At Fast + Light, we not only help write and deliver emails, but we also build out strategies to capture emails, nurture your email list through an automated email series, or re-engage the people on your list that haven’t opened up an email or purchased from you recently.

Digital Strategy & Consulting

Do you need SEO, Digital Ads, Social Media Growth, Link Building, Email Marketing, Lead Forms? What are all of those things anyway!? There are so many things that you could spend time and money on it’s all very confusing. We love building out a strategy for both digital and analog tactics, with the perfect stack of services that are right to help you meet your objectives. Depending the size of your budget and team, we can advise on things you or your team can be doing, and how they will work in tandem with the specialized knowledge + tactics to be handled by Fast + Light.


Good branding makes a company what it is. This includes your logo, color palette, font selection and usage, photography creative direction, and brand narrative/communication. How does your brand fit in the marketplace against your competitors? How does your customer view you? What does your branding reflect the quality of the work you do? We work with a lot of companies and individuals that are the best in the world at what they do, but because of their lack of professional branding, they lose business to their competitors that have taken the time to do branding right. Your brand reflects you as a business. Would you buy a house from a salesperson in tattered closes that looked home made, or would you buy if from the salesperson that was put together? The same is true in branding/packaging your product or service. A good branding can elevate a single person business to the perception level of a multinational corporation.

Website Development & Design

A website should be about more than just ‘having a website’.  It’s an extension of your brand and your business, looking nice isn’t good enough - how is your website serving your audience and growing your business?  Fast + Light creates purpose-driven websites, measures user interactions, and optimizes the site based on the data. We utilize proven and easy-to-manage platforms including Shopify, Squarespace, and WordPress (including Generate Press and Elementor) to build lasting, secure sites that can be easily maintained at a reasonable cost.  We have deep experience in building and upgrading websites of all sizes, including migrating existing websites to Shopify.